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Posing guide for female entrepneurs

Visibility is crucial to success in today's digital landscape. However, the majority of female entrepreneurs hesitate to step into the online spotlight, often because they fear feeling unphotogenic. If this is you, raise your hand. 

After photographing business owners, government officials, celebrities, and solopreneurs for more than a decade, I have found that they all have one thing in common: they need posing guidance.

Just like tying shoelaces, it is a learned skill, so let me help you debunk this myth!  

We are all photogenic—we just need to be shown how! 

Heidi Wolff

No matter what shape you are, there are 52 poses tailored specifically for female entrepreneurs.  

Boost your authority and approachability with simple posture and body language tips 

How to choose the most flattering angles and expressions for your brand 

Tips for overcoming common posing pitfalls, including clothing and mindset 

A practical and easy-to-understand printable handbook for posing

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What's inside the guide?

Let's get you posing quickly and confidently with this super handy  DIY posing handbook. 

(And you know your business deserves better.)

Hi, I'm Heidi

Showing up as your genuine and authentic self online is tough; I get it! I avoided it for years. But I had to break free from hiding behind my business, learn to show up in front of the camera, and just be me. 

I spent years elevating my clients' brands as a commercially trained photographer. I saw that when my clients invested in themselves, their confidence and businesses soared. But it didn't just affect their business; it also flowed into their personal lives. And guess what? I wanted a piece of that action, too! 

In 2021, I decided it was time to invest in myself. I started showing up, letting my personality shine online, and finally making my business something I was genuinely proud of. I crafted a business that screams "Heidi"—bold, bursting with colours, and always rocking a big smile. And guess what? I grew in confidence as my business grew, and I attracted the clients I always dreamed of working with. 
My mission is simple: To help as many business owners and entrepreneurs just like you, to become confident to show up unapologetically and authentically themselves online. Because when women in business flourish, the positive impact ripples through our communities, resulting in thriving families and an enriched world.

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(And you know your business deserves better.)

(And you know your business deserves better.)

How you show up online will directly affect your bottom line. 

Amy Porterfield, Digital marketing expert 

How you show up online will directly affect your bottom line.